Library rules

Welcome to Koldingbibliotekerne, here are the Library rules

Using the library

It is free to use the library. 

Everybody can borrow regardless of address. Some items might have loaning restrictions, and there may also be restricted interlibrary loan.

The library can demand a deposit from the users who don’t have a permanent address in the municipality. The amount can not exceed the value of the borrowed items.

Using the internet is free of charge. There may be restrictions in the use of license based digital resources.

Users who live in Kolding Municipality have remote access to a number of databases.

Library card

You can register in person at the library or via our web site with your digital-signature. The registration file can be printed and sent by mail or you can bring it in personally. Pin-code must be used.

The Danish Health insurance card (Sundhedskort) is used as a library card, or you can ask for a library card, for this you must present some kind of identification with your personal id-number (cpr-number). 

Foreign citizens and tourists use their passport as identification.

Without a cpr-number or a permanent address it’s only possible to borrow 3 books at the presentation of identification.

You need a library card to borrow, to book a computer etc. The card is valid at all our  branches.

Children under the age of 18 need their parent’s written permission. Until such a permission is presented they can borrow 3 books with a temporary library card.

The health insurance card / library card is a personal valuable, and its owner is responsible for the borrowed items.

If the card is lost or stolen you must notify  the library immediately so we can prevent misuse.  You can do that by phone to no. 79 79 11 00, by mail to or coming in person to the library.

If you haven’t used your library card for 3 years (and have no debt to the library) you will automatically be removed from the registration file. If you want to borrow,  to book a computer or a meeting room or use Hot spot, you must register again.

Information about your loans remain registered for 50 days and are deleted thereafter.

Institutions and companies can get special library cards. The management is responsible for the card, and must therefore give a written permission. Each institution or company may have several library cards.


For security reasons you must use a pin-code with your  library card. The code is used when checking out, when checking your  status on our web site and if you want to book a computer or rooms.

The pin-code is self-selected and has 4 digits. It must be used every time you borrow. You obtain it on  our web site using digital-signature or coming to the library in person. If you come in person you must bring photo-identification papers. 

If you forget your pin-code you can get a new on our web site using digital-signature  or coming in person to the library, presenting identification papers that have a photo. Children under the age of 18 can get a new pin-code showing identification papers but do not need to show a photo.


Prior to borrowing, please note if the item is in any way faulty, as you are responsible for the loan (notify the staff, please).

Library items are provided with burglar alarms. The alarm is activated upon leaving the library if the loan is not properly registered. If activated, please contact the staff. 

Upon returning the items you get a receipt. It is documentation for returning the loan.

Lending period

You can normally borrow the library items for 28 days. (Please check the receipt for due date). There may be other return limits on certain items which will appear on the item itself, on the receipt and also on your status on the homepage.

If you wish to renew you can do so once, provided there is no reservations on the item.  


Book or reserve items by phone or on-line. Notice about collecting will be send to you by mail, text message or post card.

Some items can not be reserved.


The return date appears on the receipt. If overdue, the due date decides the overdue fee. You are always responsible for returning the borrowed items on time. You can pay the amount owing via our web site.

If you owe 200 kroner or more in fees, the library has a right to withhold the amount from your salary. (The public libraries’ act , § 33 and § 34,  and governmental order §§ 15-20).

If you owe 200 kroner or more you will be excluded from borrowing. You will receive  a written warning 7 days before exclusion. The entire amount must be paid before you can borrow again. 

Read more about overdue fees here: >> Fines for overdue materials

Compensation fee

If borrowed items or parts thereof are damaged or missing, you must pay a compensation fee, which covers also licensing rights for av-items (cd-roms, dvd’s etc.)

If you don’t pay by the final date,  our claim will be collected by the municipal authorities without further notice. 

The library accepts no liability for damages on patron machinery from using library items.

You can read more about fines and fees here:

>> Fines for overdue materials

Hotspot internet

Kolding libraries make hot spot/wireless internet connection available after registering.


At Kolding Library you can borrow meeting rooms, study cells and lecture halls. Book on the web site or by phone. Study cells are primarily for students or others with a need for a working space. Lecture halls are booked by contacting library staff. Use of the rooms must not be commercial.

Talking newspaper

Blind people, vision impaired, dyslexic or others who are not able to read an ordinary newspaper can receive the weekly talking newspaper – audio-paper. You must be a resident of Kolding municipality to subscribe. The talking newspaper can be downloaded from the library web site. 

Special services.

We may demand a fee for special services such as documentation tasks, special library introductions and instructions. That is, tasks that go beyond the ordinary library instructions.  


Societies, institutions and private persons may exhibit upon agreement. The exhibitions may not include a commercial content. 

Art exhibitions can take place if they are relevant to library activities.

Folders, posters

Societies and others may present folders and hang posters. The library reserves the right to reject items with a commercial content.

House rules

No collection of signatures

No roller skates

Dogs must use the dog leash hook outside the library. Seeing-eye dogs are permitted.

Please do not talk on your mobile phone in the quiet area. 

Not complying with library rules may result in exclusion. 

Please follow staff directions.

Please do not be a nuisance to other library users or the staff, and do not use a derogatory or slandering language.

Please do not abuse library items, rooms or the internet sites.


Complaints about library offers, service etc. can be sent to:

Slotssøvejen 4
6000 Kolding



If the reply to your complaint is not satisfactory, the complaint can additionally be sent to:

By- og Udviklingsforvaltningen
Nytorv 11
6000 Kolding