About the Libraries

Read more about the libraries in Kolding Municipality and find out what we have to offer and how to get a library card.

Kolding Libraries include all the libraries in the municipality, Kolding Library being the main library. The local libraries are unmanned most of the time, but on the other hand you will be able to use the libraries in Christiansfeld, Lunderskov and Vamdrup outside normal opening hours – which is why we call them Open libraries.

Get a library card –  it is free
When you register you get a library card. You have to produce proof of identity, e.g. a passport or you can use your health insurance card. You can use your library card to borrow any library material. The lending period is usually 28 days. If there are other return limits on certain items, it will tell you so on the item itself, or on your receipt and also on your status on our homepage. If you wish to renew you can do so once, provided there are no reservations on the item.

Should you lose your library card, please notify the library to avoid any misuse.

Lending periods

The lending period is usually 28 days. The lending period can be extended if the books have not been reserved by others. Be aware that some items have shorter lending periods, like films and video games.


Art in the library

The library is a modern cultural centre, and a major work by the internationally recognized artist Olafur Eliasson adorns the large square. You will also encounter exciting art by many other artists. Exhibitions and various cultural events often take place in the library, so that it is always worthwhile paying the library a visit.


Events and exhibitions

Throughout the year the library puts on a large number of exhibitions, events and children’s theatre performances. Take a look at the events programme or check the local newspapers for details. Clubs etc. may use the library’s display windows free of charge. 


All the library’s materials are protected against theft. CCT cameras are installed for the safety of our visitors.